About Us

Our Philosophy

COLONY Music Studio/PEARLAND Music Studio strives to cultivate and nurture the love of playing musical instruments in children through adults in a fun, positive, comfortable learning environment. The ability to read music is taught and emphasized, and this ability forms a foundation for an enduring skill that will bring lifelong joy. Our sole mission is in providing personalized one-on-one instruction. We believe that each child or adult has unique learning requirements and progress is better achieved at an individual pace. Much care and thought is put into matching a student to an instructor's teaching style and preferences. The type of lesson books we use is matched to the child's learning ability and music interests.

Pearland/Colony Music Studio is not a musical instrument dealership focused on retail sales, nor do we engage in piano sales or rentals. Our goal is to meet and exceed our students' continuing music education needs through personalized one-on-one music instruction. If students require musical instruments, we may refer the purchase or rental to ensure quality and value.

Our Teachers

COLONY Music Studio/PEARLAND Music Studio has well-qualified teachers for piano, guitar, voice, and violin. This puts the studio in a class of its own in Pearland. Our teachers, while classically trained, are equally comfortable teaching contemporary music. They enjoy teaching and continuously inspire their students through sharing their love for music. We are continuously adding to our quality teaching staff as we continue to grow.


Our Staff

COLONY Music Studio/PEARLAND Music Studio has a full-time staff that facilitates all administrative and scheduling tasks. This approach allows music instructors to focus on teaching. Students receive the full attention of our teachers for the duration of the lesson without interruptions or distractions.

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